HKDP8 New outfit sets


=w=)/ 為了方便不能前往會場的大家, 這次我家的衣服也會抽部份quota來做預售嗯


=w=)/ For customer who can not be present in dollism plus 8, there’s pre-order order for outfits set, please click link below for details;


[DD L Bust] Coral reef Cheshire Cat set

[DDS M Bust]Stargazing Rabbit Set

[DDDy]Flower dust Alice Set


– 所有預售名額衣服將於event後(7月14日後)於十天內寄出

– 網店由於要用paypal付款的關係, 所以價錢會包含paypal的手續費在內,

如果不想支付手續費的朋友只好請來會場買了 ^^;

預售將於 7月11日 (星期四) 晚上10時正開賣, 請大家多多支持了 ^^


– All pre-order item will ship out within ten days after event (14th July)

– Since webshop only accept paypal payment, all item price in webshop will included paypal charge.

– The Pre-order will be hold on 22:00 11th July (Thursday) ^^



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